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proportion of tuberculous males of good physique give a history of
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that, in addition to hemorrhage from one or both ears,
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be presumption sufficient that they sometimes produce injury, in the in-
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was the reverse of the condition noted with the cutaneous lesions.
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masses. Under the microscope the translucent portion is generally found
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These comprise Elevations and Block Plans of Anderson's
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Dr. Maud-jley was treated by the jurj-, who evidently were influenced
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Penhall, John T., F.Pv.C.S., o, Eversfield Place, St. Leonards-on-Sea
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be well demonstrated. Malarial organisms are imperfectly shown.
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in the contagious diseases are not understood, but the facts
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the tragus, or what I took to be it, which seemed to
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detect." Perhaps the great difficulty in the way of a more satis-
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L., aged 24, daughter of Rev. V. L. L., then residing
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mainly physicians and druggists. To them there will
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1955. Jordan, Charlotte B., 519 Sarah St., Stroudsburg, Pa.
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at an early stage what was the exact nature of the virus,
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as is done at present. On this account they were called
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cable under existing law, and consistent with the per-
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able intervals, or may recur so quickly that the patient's condition may be
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pensatory emphysema) and may encroach upon the mediastinum. Intrapleural
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Radiation and Human Health (Gofman), 157, 166-67, 198, 206-
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It is obtained by the action of dilute hydrochloric acid on cyanide
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the skin, if white, gets purplish, but if black, discoloration can-
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destruction of the optic tract. In the latter case an atrophy of the optic
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troubles, and are the more to be feared as " temporizing " surgery is power-
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will endeavor to state. So far as my personal observations
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found him with flushed face, moist tongue and skin ; pulse, 80 ,*;
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or ruptures and a hiemo-peritoneum results, in which
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[iNliv*, 10, lie-pHal from the Transaclione of the Medical Society of
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used it carefully and extensively, I would emphatically