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not forget, also, that the common wart may be transformed

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waters suffer from them, but some far more than others. English

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at a concentration of 0.1 mg/ml (50 |xMol units/mg).

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of suspension of virus used in Experiment 1 and at the end of 15 days was ex-

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two grains have been taken. He shows that, if the first large dose is

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nearly as badly off as those that had been untreated.

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less violently, and the pulse became softer; by the time one quart of

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before him, as he states, the utterance of Colles, the eminent

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ment is mostly destroyed in the process of manufacture.

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about half an inch in diameter, and bleeding very freely,

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do their work as students (and we are all students, or ought

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the lips of which were somewhat pouting and red. This

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cither in its concrete or liquid form, by a light moderate diet,

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Macnamara, M.R.I. a.. Professor of Materia Medica and Member of

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amongst others, that the melancholia sometimes disappeared as pregnancy

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mands of modern civilisation. At present, there are

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The tuition fee will be placed very low, and the instructor's ability ad-

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an overdose. Tlie case is recorded of a lady who, for many years, suffered from

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putrid character that one should be on the look out for the si)ce(ly super-

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of milk. This method, however, cannot give reliable residts, when the coagu-

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placed at about the same angle as in the Bosworth saw (see a, 6, and e.

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proper payment. . . . Several officers told me, some of their own accord,

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by the horrible sights of death and destruction around, tends

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We are all willing to acknowledge that the true value

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brings them into contact with affections complicated with and

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considered to be in excess of 50 mg/kg, while lethality was seen in

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lent palpitations, irregularity of pulse, and intermis-

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lymph channel. Peritointis is widely recognized as a