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238. Hsemorrboids in Pregnant and Puerperal Women. Dr. Fordyee Barker . . 259
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of about 100 cubic feet, and would consume about 40 cubic feet
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was thirty-two = 27 "7 per cent, for the mothers, and 38 per cent, for
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through. The cyst was now tapped, and eight quarts of fluid
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ScYBALA. — Small hardened balls into which the faeces become
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diagnosis has been verified by post-mortem examination^
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but the heart was still acting. Artificial respiration kept her alive for an hour,
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curative agent. The following formula will be found pleas-
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year had there been more than 36, and the average is calculated at 18.
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In looking at the manner in which Dr. Watson has performed the difficult
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were found in a very advanced state of fatty degeneration.
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wound ; — the probable supervention of profuse suppuration or
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tans, for example, according to the observations of Smith, does not lay its
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the plan of treatment which has been described. In all cases in which
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citizens cannot be extended in a more worthy direction than to
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an unconquerable eye-strain. Secondly, these reports
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sounds are often absent, but a single click is sufficient to
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can carry your finger in advance of your scissors and not wound any
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able. In this latter event a pyosalpinx rapidly forms, which
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drink ; and he staggers a little when he attempts to walk. The
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The external surface was healthy. It was very flaccid and flat
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allowed to remain iu a room of ordinary temperature
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stricture where the sensitiveness was so great that the introduc-
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ogy. The basis of our comprehension of the theory of medicine
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drawn. Continuing, Mr. Lowenstein said, speaking of the authority
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