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Zoe may signify in Od. 14.96 where Eumaeus speaks of it as

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of right arju and leg, and occasional internal strabismus of right eye, tempera-

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Laws was offered by Dr. Talbot, providing that the notices shall

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effusion, we have great hurry and distress of breathing ; an anxious

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on the left side of the brain. While this is a separate disease

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In Case XXYII. we have a favourable account of a natural labour, face

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School of Engineering will well repay a visit, as well as the

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a noisy from a quiet delirium. The highest grade of the former is the

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Although the type of the fever is remittent and is often mistaken for

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probe holding the thread attached to the upper end of the cut uretlira in order

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spoonfuls of Bsnger's essence of rennet is added and the

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right sterno-mastoid. There was no exophthalmos or bruit. The

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"The general outlines of a man's mental character and physical tenden-

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' was working with the presently inactive component med-

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J. J. Putnam has conclusively shown that the same is

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and though it is possible that in this way many may be destroyed,

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result of acute absorption of toxic matters from the

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an amount of ingenuity and strenuous work had to be spent before

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right side of the neck ; but even here the carotid artery and internal jugular

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lobar pneumonia, lobular pneumonia, pulmonary infarction, or

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form known as Leber's disease, and that which occurs in amaurotic family

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Ixiii, 070-672. — Papaclopoiilos (T.) IlepiTrTCJuis xaxo^-

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badly, and, as Dr. Kingston Fowler puts it, ''No fool was ever

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accuracy and efficiency from our staff of experienced workers in this field.

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• Parts hiiested. — Mucous membrane of the mouth,

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up a " complex of symptoms " which has a beginning, a middle, and an end

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mittee of the Council. The Committee find tliat the

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