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but in whom the tumor was found below the umbilicus and to

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— inflammation of the pleura causing hydrothorax, inflammation of the

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the distinction between diseases arising in such waj^s and those in which

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leukemia) are not diseases of the spleen. They are not condi-

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absence of our knowledge of more proximate causes, may be

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state of excessive tension, while the entire periarticular

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ment of this condition consists in rendering the uric acid soluble, by the

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profitable to you, and, through your book, a blessing to man-

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neuralgia of the extreme form.'-' It is as follows:

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tion has prevailed. Effective work done in this direction and

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of a family of seven living in two rooms. In the other instance, a family of four

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ulcer. Evidences of fermentation were found in the symptoms

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with suppurating sinuses, the result of chancroidal buboes, for the relief of

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money and we shall have to increase our price more tlian in proportion to the

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up his mind to tie the carotid artery; but s been removed ten years ago, at St. George's

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first embraces the two sarcomata from lymphoid cells (Nos. 6 and

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These leading articles helped materially to stimulate interest in the

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impossible to say whether the slit was made by a pistol-ball or an arrow,

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and thoroughly known. Vacancies were filled and promotions

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occur in the stomach, but they are generally considered to 1)e adenomata, although

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veloped and the fever continued for 10 weeks. At the begin-