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the iodide of arsenic, or by a triple compound of arsenic, iodine,

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though more or less certainly bacterial in origin, because they are not "gene-

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holds similar promise for very small or even expecto-

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adopted. The ordinary plan of dealing with small-pox, as with

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mine the etiology of malaria. He speaks decidedly for the view that

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n&kt are as follows : Mental depression, anxiety respecting health, hypo-

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observation recalls Leo Loeb's demonstration that the formation of the

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cated by dulnessi over the manubrium stemi, especially at its left border),

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for in another case his patient might die in conse-

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of our latest pandemics as the foundation of our treatise. Neverthe-

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Nephrology Lecture Series, fourth Thursday, 12:30 p.m., AHEC- NW, 241 W. Spring, Fayetteville

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characteristic though suggestive of acidosis. The temperature

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d'infection parasitaire chez la grenouille rousse et ses con-

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keeping a blistered surface from healing. Instead of these forms of counter-

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mill of Messrs. Woods and Hampson, Swillbrook, Preston,

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it may be another expression of the luxuriant growth of hair some-

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from twenty -four hours to two da}^s. Eight hours after the first hypodermic

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of the extremities ; that there is no such selection of muscles paralysed

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or less commonly in association with hypersesthesia. They are limited to

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sis of the physics of the forceps as a tractor; a numerical

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The common cambric needle is the one of choice though

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cannot, under any circumstances, over-reach or interlock.

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constituent parts to be too loosely held together." And a similar statement

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On arrival he was unresponsive to all stimuli and had

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Yates, James, Esq., to be Medical Officer to the Newcastle District

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the distinction between diseases arising in such waj^s and those in which

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his previous illnesses, the patient have remained short of breath, etc.

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and an internal breeding layer. A connective-tissue layer is

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of the range of each department for the purpose of furnish-

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tlie little cysts ui)on the surfaces of the laceration, as

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and adherent to the brain — in others we find hyperemia, which is but little

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dition at the end of two or three weeks are enrolled on the list of the

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and anxiety that is removed ! The children are har-

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on the nasal side — an operation which those who have observed

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the exception of the skin, besides the proper nerve of the sense,

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chlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg.; acetaminophen 500 mg

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thrown round it; this ligature had probably slipped off, for I