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The next step was to put the patient on the stretcher. The best

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prehension, that in the beginning of i 822, when editor of the Medi-

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be two cavities side by side ; but a careful examination of sections above

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relieved and a new supply of nerve force acquired. It certainly

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that the children of tuberculous parents are especially prone

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St; Louis, 1898-9, xi, 169.— Dulaiiey (N. T.) Vesico-

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discharge instead of presenting these characters is profuse and

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A consideration of the character of the fatty extract obtained

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nitrate of silver, iodine, and astringents. In 1864,

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cible hernia of the inguinal and femoral types operative treat-

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seventh to an eighth over all England, and probably from a sixth to a fifth, or

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Eighteen cases of brain abscess are recorded. This is a most

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that the authors are a little too confident of the results

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stood as fixed points iibout which the dilute solution of medical

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skin (Fr. , Sillon ; Ger. , Milhengaiig) made by the female insect in the

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closed with a list of recurrences in his own practice,

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urea was six grains to the ounce. The cedema had disappeared.

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operation, which seems to Quincke the most rational one, has been

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suggestion, in view of the rapidly diminishing irritability of

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put of urine which usually continued to diminish until anuria was

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with what we soon shall know. The pres«'nt is a stirrinj;,

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examination of it at the line of junction of the trochlear and

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aggravated on the second day. The throat was nearly

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such as real or threatening convulsions in labor. The same local pain, would

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to the Entomophthorece. It is interesting to note that at the end

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shght and undergoes resolution during convalescence. In more serious

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the conditions for its full development, and produces no crop,

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vision becomes impaired, the humors become turbid, the .vhole

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latter. In sphygmomanometry this objection is happily overcome by the employ-

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of accommodation or compromise is largely due the sur-

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with eruptions, sleep together, eat the most unwholesome food,

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considerable part of his practice was among people who

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pian tube, which ran into the abdomen through the inguinal canal. M. Guer-

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