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32. Penzoldt, Franz. Die Magenerweiterung, Erlangen,
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that it seems better to consider the symptoms in detail, with reference to
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regards alcohol. Dr. Smith draws the following conclusions
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an abscess from an impacted wisdom tooth ; and he is not
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Length of the umbilical cord. — It has been recommended on these occasions,
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ground floor clinic building, air-conditioned. Contact
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in each State consisting of nine members, three to be
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7. The aged and infirm, the chronically sick and the
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as in Bombay. Thus, in the Calcutta General Hospital, (Dr. Jadcson ; India Annab
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of our Civil War was lost to the Union Army because of the
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Integument at base was reddened, and the tenderness was greatest at that
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Medical Science in Japan, has recently been placed under
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tissue. It is a pasty, pale, oedematous, soft tissue,
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explore the track again, as occasionally (but rarely) a small
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bent posture ; sensation of coldness in the affected parts ; exacerbation
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appears to me to have some advantages. Electricity may be employed in
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demonstrated the phthisical character of the disease. Subsequently the
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No. 12. The study was made upon material obtained from a patient
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24; 152. — IVoiMze»'.ski (K.) ElektroftJilm oko dotykowe.
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in determining whether pus in the urine comes from the bladder
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water to the necks, put the boiler on the fire and allow to boil ;
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hypertrophic stage in the adult, when they are com-
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