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ning to burn. In the former case the carbonic acid was in the proportion of

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A valuable reminder of a precaution to be used in the administra-

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from a femoral stump. Similar cases were related by

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the lung, with the same accuracy I would otherwise have done,

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prove,- that consumption, so far, is a more curable disease than

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nated. Travelers should have completed a primary series

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ebullition was actively going on, drew out the necks of the

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improve themselves. This is thoroughly demonstrated by the great

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Eight days after admission he had a profuse haemorrhage

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sister sciences of Anatomy and Physiology, for the lectures given in

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the diagnosis is reasonably certain, especially if we delay till a

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apex catarrh recover within a few months, and only the

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gave him relief. From some urine passed at 1.20 p.m. Dr Stevenson

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tion of the minute branches of the pulmonary artery, just as

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i3 often brownish. The pathogenic amoeba shows active finger-like

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families supplied by this dairy, that is, more than a third of them.

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At last, detern)ining to use my own mechanical skill, in an endeavour to

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expose its muscular layer on separation of the mass. There is a

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analogous to the Boltzmann distribution exp(-AV/T), where T, the temperature, controls

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ably good union, refracture, without traumatism, sud-

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space of time, and being then, of necessity, in bed, is so placed that a watchful

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The production of this immunised medium is not easily explained.

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uterine tissue. Then the peritoneal flaps that had been

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stating that to cure or even relieve a case of ulcerative

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of the fourth ventricle. None of the roots of the eighth pair of nerves were

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stantly present in normal feces, is described at this place, as modern

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prohibited from alienating or leasing any water works which belong

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