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In the early part of the disease, tlie discrimination is not always easy,
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for the continual new growth of the nail affords fresh pabulum for the
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impure water, is dysentery, often leading to abscess of the liver.
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conditions that will follow them through life. One eminent educator says:
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severe injuries, painful growths and affections. Those persons for
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of muco-pus ; the quantity of urine passed in the twenty-four hours varies,
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but again an interval must elapse between the protective
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found, the muscular fibres are separated from one another by the extra-
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Sometimes the opening in the skull can be closed immediately, and this
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no results came from it, it should be the last, as the parts had
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ful and agreeable conversation, should engage the waking hours,
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acquired forms of the disease. Sclerosis usually follows.
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general all-round uterine tonic, and know of no other preparation on the market
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to restore the uterine tissues to the normal state ; and to pre-
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hospitals, responsible for seeing that the standard of nursing
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Wey, Dr. William C, hay fever and paralysis of dia-
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cise an influence over psoriasis. Dr. Dyce Duckworth has reported a case
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Aug. 16. For some weeks patient has had increasing difBculty and pain
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congestion of the brain was thereupon removed ; but,
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asssimilated to that which one meets in ordinary life. St.
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lodging or traversing, whether the assassin was far off or near at the time the
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with or without vomiting. It may be dietetic, or may be due to gastric
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could be"1 °^"' 't" "'^'^°™^°' P"* '"'^ ''^"<1 ^"•'^^^ to what
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broken halves put together. Sons' sous go on making these sorts of
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the force of gravity and, hence, lesions will be produced. As
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down stairs without help, and could take a short walk
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As for the troubles of sensibility, I will not repeat
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NEUEALGIA: its various Forms, Pathology, and Treatment. The
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work with a woollen cloth over the mouth and nose. Lead poisoning is
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perature and redness of the paralyzed limb. Yet this paralysis is ordinarily slight
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place, it could have been of no use whatever to Dr. Long.