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between the many dispensaries. On the authority of a man con-
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regard to inspecting and certifying the drainage of the school building. On
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menstruation is insufficient or retarded, or when the uterus
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As a rule I haven't gotten a very large lished maps do not mean that it does not
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oor any unusual flow of urine, calls attention to the grave disease
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lent palpitations, irregularity of pulse, and intermis-
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3. Boil 2 oz. of tobacco in a quart of water, strain, and add
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vagina. A self-retaining catheter is introduced. On the third day the vaginal
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1909. Parish, Benjamin D., B.S., M.D., Assistant Instructor
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obtained from tubercle bacilli contain the poisonous nuclein or its
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spaces between these different structures. A ball which entered at the ankle
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and their successors in office gradually became con-
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Basil Coleman Hyatt Harvey, Dean of Medical Students.
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■oesophagus is easier found also on the left side of the
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cyft, occupying the whole cavity, prefented and concealed
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results of these injections I reported my experiments in
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hour or so and falls asleep, but the barking cough may continue at
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in the diagnosis. The patient was removed to the hospital on
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children; in adults it is not infrequent in those with a gouty tendency.
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who first put the ball in motion, served to awaken an almost universal
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in about an hour, he began to show signs of life ; the pulse to
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in the sense of talking ; there was only the .slightest muffling
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ceiver, and it may be seen where the vapour enters the cool portion of the
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: — the wave is broken up early, and the second elevation, which may be
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influenza), and, on the other hand, the process may spread from one
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dealt with. It is not, moreover, recognized or practised
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was disturbed and retarded by the preceding injection of atropine. Direct appli-
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from which source the drinking-water had been taken, but in all other cases,
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Infantry, same Division, and remained with it until the sur-
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rabies, pertussis, rheumatism, arthritis deformans, etc-.
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rhage which might follow amputation of a piece of omentum,
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nent nucleoli. In addition, numerous mitoses were present