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hypotension occasionally may occur following the initial dose of VASOTEC. The diuretic should, if possible, be discon-

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at an early stage what was the exact nature of the virus,

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tical Treatise for the use of Medical Students and Practitioners.

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badly ventilated, are hotbeds for the propagation of the disease

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hours. If, then, alcohol controls nitrogen-loss this patient

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convolutions of the small intestine and their ]:>eristaltic movements were

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the past three months l)y dysjjnrea. On examination

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a little to the inside of the right spine of the ileum, which had

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of the grain. The crown of clubs is the rampart. We often find tufts of

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physicians, none of whom, I believe, entertained any doubt of its nature.

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ment. The atmosphere should not be so highly impregnated as

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determine whether or not remedial measures could be instituted for

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were born asphyxiated, three moderately. There were

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of the pupil on either the paralyzed or the opposite side is of frequent

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titled to a license who have received the degree of doctor of medicine

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Medical Association has asserted it to be in bad taste,

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Quarantine between States. — At the recent conference of repre-

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ganic salts, to which has been added a carbohydrate, such as ordinary

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syphilis, arising from the infection of a child during birth by syphilitif

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occurrence of death from tertiary or para- syphilitic lesions

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cal Witnesses. — Hon. W. S. Kerr, of Mansfield, O.,

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longer accentuated and the area of cardiac percussion dulness had receded.

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turn white for a short time. When first seen by Dr. Moyer,

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knee to some extent ; can twist the leg, and bear his

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1. Cattell, R. B.: The prevention of parathyroid tetany. S.

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in one class or by the actual daily struggle for existence in

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was also a member of the American Medical Association.

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are serviceable ; as bathing the feet in tepid infusion or decoction

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a post-mortem examination it was found that there were well-