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doubt as to the integrity of the other kidney as well as to
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members, we, of course, can hope for no change of steryotyped
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The more simple urinary tests may sometimes be very helpful: If the
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The animal at the time of inoculation was nursing her young. Three other
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Polyclinic employs the following differential stain:
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its individual wants ministered to during its earliest
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" Mr. President: Death has just removed from our midst one long known to
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chilliness and febrile movement. The skin is harsh and dry ; sweating
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in rows, reminded one of their origin from former bile ducts.
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3. That there was one opening penetrating the uterus,
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mental refreshment” from walking around barefoot.
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anterior position of the fetus. An attempt to perform external cephalic
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went to bed one night in 1888 after a hearty supper ; in
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Death Follows Prize Fight.— As the sequel to a prize
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Heredity is frequently found to the same food sensitiveness, but more
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Art. 197. — Gases of Abdominal Anevrism treated by Proximal and
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for the retention of nitrogen and of the mineral elements in a normal
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resu-lts from a solution of bichloride of mercury in collodion ;
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also be identified by Scherer's test. This is performed by evaporating leucin with
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activity of the gland, and the instances in which visible goiters appear are
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first whiff of steam relaxes the spasm, if the remedy
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thing like a spiral tenaculum, which a friend had devised for
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1872. Having devotetl himself to embryological researches, and especi-
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that the Board must admit the children on the certificates.
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cause of its inability to completely relax the pull
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diphtheria, the diagnosis not being made until the patient coughed up
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structed" labour. By the first of these is understood "defective power in
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were present at that meeting, as it did the writer.
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no dysentery, but a catarrh of the whole intestinal tract and a general
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pation. With rest and strict diet he greatly improved, but four
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music, of which he was very fond. Last winter he contracted a severe
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especially with paresis, disagrees with the majority