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down to its attachment to the cricoid and arytenoid

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of bone and teeth. It has not been impoverished by the loss of

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Missing Numbers — Have been sent to Dr. R. H. Patterson, Pa.,

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Dr. Mosse, the founder of the institution ; an illustrious chain, to

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siderable contingent to the general mass of cardiac hypertrophy.

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of the glossopharyngeal in the substance of the medulla oblongata. t

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valvular disease is sufficiently respected in routine practice ? I fear

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The curious habit of repeating the same words over and over

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Airril IG. — Complained of pain in back and neck, and the

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operation. This patient knew that she had a mass in her left

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Class 191,6 (Mar.) — Ladd W. Hamrick. Jr.. Alexander Sweel.

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rather to the nerves, viscera, etc., i. e. the periphery.

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efi"ective and certain treatment of chronic pancreatitis consists

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be present in the blood in normal quantity, it follows

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recently written on this subject, says:— "Chez la giienoQ mono [Cerco-

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as advisable ; and much better results are to be expected

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author and to those of Spencer Wells and Baker Brown, acknowledging

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His complaint is, that he is weak from the elbow downwards, espe-

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when pressure was gently made on the tumour, urine and purulent

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chiefly about the angle of the jaw, but radiating along the

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made an incision with a scalpel over the part, and opened the

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color of the hair and skin. Roberts has shown by experiments on

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denly fixed. It seems to prove the existence of a cortical

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overcome, I placed a letter in the hands of your secretary,

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the child died suddenly from stenosis one-half hour

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stage is present, from clean ulcers below, through ulcers containing scattered

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did not appear to do him any good. The patient's tempera-

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1884, Par., 188.5. v, 115-126. Also: Bull. Soc. auat.

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practitioners, but the tendency of late years has been to

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Fertile hyphte are erected, bearing at their extremities short

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cious in causing the descent of the head with little muscular effort. This

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Then, turning from the.s«> puiutA, " S«-«f\ "' toniea

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though of great scientific interest, was quite sub-