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Dr. Whipham showed a recent specimen of the same affec-
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Not limited to any particular part of the head, our experience has been
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inscribed before the 15th of May, to permit the organizers to let them
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Wednesday, and Thursday of April. The officers have appointed the
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Hence the origin of that fable, in which these birds arc said to heal the wounded eyes
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and 34 per cent, brown. A^ regards the hair, 47 per cent, exhibited blond
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which you will therefore also understand to be in the middle, entering into
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Lectures " On the Amyloid (so-called) and Fatty Degenera-
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and thus, in the light of these services, one is justified in
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tions the analogous phenomena which are found to result from
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A similar case was recorded by Gull in his well-known paper in the
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Med.-chir. Cor.-Bl. f. Deutscli.-Am. Aerzte, Buffiilo, 1883, i.
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and Injections, for Examination with the highest Magnilymg Powers
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pains be continuing without suspension, or an interval of some
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tioner intuitive ideas more awakening, impressive, and durable
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teric glands, duodenum, jejunum, large intestine, and lungs. The
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It is extremely unsafe to generalise while our data are so
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There is generally also thickening of the subjacent and surrounding tissues.
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of Oxford may continue to advance under his leadership along the road
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Perforation is most likely to happen during or after the third week of
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Sir Morell Mackenzie reports but three cases of syphilis
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the whole, concludes (p. 250) that " the economic condition of Ireland
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No ipicro-organisms coiild be cultivated fi'om it, and il
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sensation of hunger. Hunger may be relieved by taking this fluid from
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Measles attack individuals of every age and sex, but least frequently
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that eminent bacteriologist, Prof. Kossel. Out of some
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On May 12, 48 hours after operation, under ether, the wound
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As Boon as a limb or other bones are discovered to be fractured, the
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active in the production of the peculiar phenomena induced by their introduction into
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" (5.) Where the owners of two or more houses have failed to comply with the
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their very tops. The little lake was surrounded with semicircles