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evolution, for he and Haeckel both claim that new species were evolved
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Where there is intense delirium, cold sponging and the use
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any one interested in the relation of food to health. Pro-
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ferred to the throat, and trying to repress cough, either by the
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of using every opportunity to say good and not evil of one's
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points : (a) that of the general condition, and (6) that of the joints. On the
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the Atlantic coast of Africa. Guit^ras classified the areas of infection thus:
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zoology to students. As a matter of course, the present small
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porting good success with milk, others finding a meat-diet
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dance the lithates ; in some cases there is moderate febrile movement ; the
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was shown by experiments upon rats in which the infection through
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" These slighter forms of masked insanity — mental dys-
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even then they have recourse to the private tutors who
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on the third day after removal of the suture. The operated eve is kept bound,
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having come from under the influence of the anaesthetic,
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by sedatives. Patience in awaiting the natural efforts had been adequate
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In the large intestine the inflammatory changes are much less
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bourhood. It is evident, that the discovery upon or near the body of
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rare. The foregoing conditions will cover or include nearly all
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with as though they exhausted the possibilities of treatment. Myo-
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While Moebius adhered to the possibility of a dysthyroidization, an in-
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worthy of our attention. Well-authenticated cases are on
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would be necessary to join to this the ligature of the sub-
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In Case XXYII. we have a favourable account of a natural labour, face
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inguinal hernia in the male, operated upon for radical
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mode of treatment is that it relieves the patient of much discomfort and
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of Tennessee School of Medicine, 1945; age 71; died
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The competitive system, by means of which in former
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a certain extent, but not entirely, under the control