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The li'imondsci/ U'tittr Fumine. — There has beea a great lack of water in
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upward of forty or fifty dollars a week, and the patients in
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to the cornea, atropine, and more than all else, to the
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cases there remain 93, of which 8 died and 85 recovered. Of the
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and in his later years his general health, if it has not
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than the nuclei and small cells of the normal glands, which filled the
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zides may potentiate the action ol other anbhyperlensive drugs. The elfects ol oral antico-
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pressure to flex the body. This position is shown in Fig. 1. It
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tress and discomfort in the cerebrum. This patient had
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were placed two Mett tubes of coagulated egg white. At the end of
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parents has nothing to do with the birth of a premature
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He shall receive such monies accruing from subscribers, advertisers,
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stroyed the centre of the region in which the bands
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a good English education, and have studied medicine at least three years with some
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after one course of baths. In the other, who only took
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diarrhoea, redness and aphthous ulceration of the lips, cheeks, gums,
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25th. — Last night patient received a large enema and had a
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9. •■ Transmission of Flagellates living in the Blood of certain
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ment and 500 francs fine are not much for ^ Preparations of Castor- oil Leaves. — Dr.
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latter dispensary. Further, during the current year the whole
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produces so much misery, entailing thereby expense of treatment at
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application of very minute silk ligatures to each carotid artery.
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cent.; indentate nucleus, 2 per cent.; polymorphonuclears, 75 per
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The classification »f M. Richerand, with some slight modifica-
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phenomena can be explained in various ways, but in order to
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have experienced attacks, more or less frequently, from adult age up to the
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almost to the fissure of Sylvius. This area was brownish-red in color, with
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The rate at which water is passed through mechanical filters is very
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a system of midwifery — but as the one neither added senior or the other
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Hughes: Would a reporter tend to consult you whenever any
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which are the most distressing to the patient, and which are, of