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than those of the right brain? Or was it merely a coincidence,
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articles; and yet I know of no article so readily di-
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state, and still more in certain " fevers," the liver is very liable to
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too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix, histories of
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A second case is reported of a similar character which had continued
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rr<pnn-f aiui ii" ankle Jcini-. 'I'lii' pupils were ctjual. >.\ idcK dilated,
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I'he most remarkable instance is that of the Prior Ede-
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found that the pH for both ranged between 2.5 and 3, which
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carefully and in a few well-chosen, genteel, kind yet firm,
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causes one or more pregnancies may occur. No such history, however, is
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case, in all the cavities of the heart, and showed well the situation in
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expressed himself as thoroughly satisfied with the method, having
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eminences are no longer opposed by the extensor muscles.
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faint; convulsions follow, and a great fall in temperature; in some
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and most effective remedy, is Castor, to the extent of two or three spoonfuls in divided doaes.
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by sight to be sure of the path. Again I feared most of all, to
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same, no matter where applied. First clip the hair from the part
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useful charity could be devised than this. The hospital,
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well-known fatality of it alarmed both himfclf and liis friends,
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located close to the sea, and no lower towns are obliged
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But whatever operation the electric fluid may have in producing any, or all of these
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recur periodically, once or twice a day. A feeling of heat and pressure
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locating the abdominal portion of the ureters by sur-
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In discussing social philosophy, the aristocratic point of view
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days is such that they are obliged to protect their eyes with
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2. IRC §501(c)(3) (1986). Any reference to the IRC is to the Internal
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out through the abdominal parietes, and felt to be slightly raised. Then followed
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several days, the variations being from 100° to 102°.
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face, and head attending operations on the nasal passages,
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pain was so great that he got hut little rest, liavini; to
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as most thorough, scientific, and accurate. We have
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wlfery, by Dr Dennison. — Clinical Observations on Suigical Cases, by