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or only relate to the cases of which I am about to treat ; at the same time I shall
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patients much more profoundly impressed in renal colic, and with sim-
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proteins, now referred to as heat-shock proteins (HSPs)7°
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show conclusively the effects of appropriate sanitary
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(29.35 cc. of the latter in aO, as against only 17 cc. of serum) was found scarcely
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bal address before the Kentucky Medical Society at Hopkins-
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creased teaching staff, while the number of students
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its origin from the periosteum, and in two points there was an in-
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able anatomist. In describing structures generally he exhibited a
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new-growths — the eyes — eye-strain, errors of refraction
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priated "the idea, the very title of his original Medical
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appendix of the U. S. Dispensatory, last edition, page 1367, where Dr.
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which the patella lies. In action it would draw the patella
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muscles of the hand the greatest advantage in action,
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exist in virulent humors in the condition of independent solid particles, like
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Orthoform— ^Ozone — Phenic (Carbolic) Acid — Qui-
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mate of its comparative value for unravelling the complex
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sity and received his medical degree from the University
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Numbers of relapsing fever : On January 1 this stood at over
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patients who had been subjected to excision of the hip left
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then nicked with sterile scissors, and the solution with
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•cold, clammy extremities. The conjunctiva has a sub-
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