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Four-fifths of the women in whom pregnancy might have reasonably been
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coherence in ordinary speech, words being placed together
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adenoid nodule and a mucous gland. The remainder of the tissue consists
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conclusive to warrant the admission of the patients,
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lithotomy. The bladder lay so deep that the finger scarcely
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tual use of this drug can be indulged in with entire impunity ; but the
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changes will be taken up in detail later in this paper.
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activity, and the reaction also to the influence of cytorhyctes
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surgery in this State, excepting licentiates or graduates of
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qualified. Applications and testimonials to the Honoi-aiy Seeretary, oa
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out, and exhibiting a strong contrast with the surrounding tissue.
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filtration, diluted to a strength of 1 in 10, solution of commercial
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ferric chloride, which gives a green color, turning rose
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Case 4.— A boy, twelve years of age, employed in a type foundry, was brought to
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The oleate of zinc ointment is also said to be serviceable in
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in thin slices, season with salt, pepper, and a little shallot.
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vesicular, or full of small bladders ; these differences
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Especially if it be an Infantile Stomach. The different forms of summer complaint are
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sipelas, puerperal fever, scarlatina, phlegmonous, .and
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vice in the late rebellion and of not receiving suf-
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Ordinarily cases of infectious disease occurring among troops
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between cancer and tuberculosis. One would hardly expect to find in popula-
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loQS affection within the intestinal canal, usually seated in the small in-
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Thus we have seen from the earlier observations of Boutroux and
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stomach, as is seen in chronic and the subsidence of acute inflam-
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the fourth day following ingestion. Death occurs com-
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chest, which eventually emptied itself in two places,
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2007. It may, however, be proper to mention the high cha-
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at once that he had refractured his patella, on account of
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ing blindness from acute irido-cyclitis of both eyes was then
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many men. The six superintendents had under their di-
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the disease acquired it innocently, and this also frequently oc-
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indeed, before its actual advent — only water that
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two or three days, before the nature of the disease is distinctly revealed.
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rature was 101.3*^ F., pulse 120. On examination under chloroform foetal move-
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