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Two cases remain in which no apparent etiological cause i»

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begin to shout at the top of his voice during each ex-

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palate and throat is a most annoying symptom, both common and charac-

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3. Henle: Handbuch der Nervenlehre, Erste Auflage, S. 195.

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regularly transmitted and read at the meetings of the Philo-

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"The apparent effect of the drug upon the hemorrhage

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ounce phial, tilled witli pure snow-water (he was no care-

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citement; pulse 70, full and moderately strong; hot skin; dusky

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sioned by the presence of the bacillus produces an inflammatory leuco-

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dies, at last yielded to this. But on the whole, the

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eflfects of repeated hypodermic injections of 15 to 20 minims of a 10

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thing rotten in Denmark," to remedy which invites more

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the mucous membrane, is augmented by proximity. A hepatitis

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Jura Mountains suffer from lead poisoning, due to the

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the vegetable kind, as best calculated to resist that

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of the Madras Presidency by his late order • No ! Justice,

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for deeper work along these lines. The writer believes that in this

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in the cold, but at 50° for half an hour sections are entirely

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were but three deaths. Many of the recruits were said

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handled. October 12th, tincture of iodine, diluted with about its bulk of

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M. R. C. P., M. R. C. S. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1866.

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require the farmer either to give a strict account of how tlie

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strictly speaking, it only proves that the effusion must have taken place either

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a spontaneous opening was anticipated by making a free incision ;

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summer season than during any other season since their estab-

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semiflexed on the arm, and the arm is forcibly adducted to the side. These

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If, now, this method can be aoplied to human beings and it is

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The thermometer should be kept in formalin or other suitable ger-

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me was the fact that for seven months saUva was constantly collecting

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I have seen a thrombus of both veins and arteries. I remember a case

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just as they were. The whole subject was then laid on the table.

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attempt to treat them, and should I consider the advisability of doing

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come the depressing effects of the sudden fall in temperature,

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include abscess, tumor, effusions, and haemorrhage. To these

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If induction occurred in the hand at any point near to the

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of temperature is observed in the evening, convalescence has

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septic lotions as some do. If the eye be a normally