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character of the disease remains the same, but its specific

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I have seen a few instances of this sort ; it is called by the common

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Health Task Force, among others, has seriously doubted

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With jaundice the urine contains bile-pigments, and its color varies

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Laryngology, Physiology, Neurology, Histology, Toxi-

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and thought herself a little stronger than before. In two months time found

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commonly prescribe over-zyminised milk or bovril. Four ounces

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no symptoms at present. The living child shows a roseolus and papular rash

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so hard a struggle has taken place. The Academicians met

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with them, appear to render organic affinity irregular in its ac-

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" slide-manoenvre"). Chloroform had of late been hardly employed at all in the

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tary movements, causing her to drop things and stum-

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report "I don't know why." The matter was brought up at the

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The Systematic Use of Cylinders in Making the Shadow

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diagnosis is at once set at rest. Hemoptysis confirms the diagnosis of the

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reviewed. Members, however, are urged to write reviews

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does occur, it is very strange that neither Mayer nor I myself

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would be retained upon the stomach, applied a large blister to the epigas-

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The author thought of the possibility of this being due to the

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panying gall-stones. He also draws attention to the frequency with

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an engine-driver. Rumpf remarks of this case, as he had stated

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one-half to fourteen years in age, and none had had scarlatina before. In

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arrangement will no doubt be very jiice for the '' interest-

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follow some highly interesting chapters on the hrst help to the

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212 O.'illowfiy : Hospital and Chapel of Saint Mary Boncevall

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of medical men; and more money is to follow as it may be

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travel backward over the middle coat or the eye, as soon as we

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tinua proved fatal ; and he was told that the cases classed

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century it became very popular and was practised by many

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avc have failed to find anything in Dr. Ward's book further than a

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Medical Profession and of men of scientific acquirements, to

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so-called specialization of cells bears upon pathological new groAvths. Embryo-