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the toxic disturbances due to food intolerance were urticaria

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removed at the first sitting, and with a sharp scoop all the

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For the greater accommodation of the Class, a room is provided in the house of one of the insuact-

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diseased foetal placenta, and to temperature variations.

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These symptoms have disappeared after discontinuation ot therapy Hydrochlorothiazide — Body as a Whole

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spasm, and from a purely s[)asmodic laryngeal affection which is presently to

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tended as a work for physicists and chemists, but merely

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rubbing with opium or belladonna liniment, gentle mas-

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ter were applied, and the same treatment was subsequently directed by Dr.

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that they are going to get better and are in actual

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in hysteria and hypnotism must have noted the frequent use of the term

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lieved that the knife should be resorted to in such

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are of opinion that COrnevin, Arloing, and Thomas' method of

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by the rapid growth of the effusion ; coincident pleu-

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With this solitary exception, then, all that was taught

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it him to drink in wine ; thou wonderously dost cure

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granules obscuring the nuclei, which were only brought to

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it be remembered that jaundice does not show itself in yellow fever until about the

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discharges, is one variety of this affection ; this

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of matter, and produce the most general and important effects,

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had attacks of epididymitis (double), where no sperma-

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Echinococcus of the Heart. — ^Most of the cases have shown involvement

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tiguous layer of cortex were spared, since the thrombosis had occurred in

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contents of the cyst and to their slow escape, a sudden gush

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had so involved the latter that in one or two place>

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already been discussed above among the cases in Zone 1, may really

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up his mind to tie the carotid artery; but s been removed ten years ago, at St. George's

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or even the tincture of the chloride of iron, although this preparation

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desirous for the advancement of their profession, both as a science

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hope both to serve my pupils and to elicit the always welcome criti-

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Dr. Powell referred to a case where Dr. Ross had diaofnosed

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If during this time the lungs \vill continue to remove gradually some super-

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Unless subjective symptoms or lesions pointed directly

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Chas. Sturtivant, M.D., presented a paper on the '' Peculiari-

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