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Sterility Studies, with Particular Reference to Weak

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The pneumonic areas, both lobular and lobar, occasionally

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slight tendency to infiltrate surrounding which it does not involve the whole

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able to a reduction of the pulse in cases of fever, and so

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of the year that is gone, has most reason to be serious and

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which had been soaked for 24 hours also develop polyneuritis in from

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of fat as a homogeneous layer. Several tubes may be charged at the same time.

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stables, and all other officers and employees of theState, to enforce such

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greatest size — are soft and flabby to the touch, of a

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cover with a handkerchief and allow the handkerchief to drop

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milk; two Straus* sterilized milk; two grocer's milk; three fairly clean bottled

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" It is possible that the views on which the health officer founds his

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errors to be guarded against; but the limits of this article for-

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in its solid constituents, is not a recognized pathological condition. We know

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Matters relating to advertising space, etc., to be addressed

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t ! T 1 U1S ' ^ i^T GXample ° Ut ° f man y> at Liverpool, the female

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In the opinion of Dr. Bryden Glendining, both tumours contained the

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The emanations from newly-mown hay produce, in some persons, cor}'2a,

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sighted that it must be ready for operation, and as to the

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of calculi has preceded their invasion by bacteria, and

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ground ; if the preparation is violet, yellow; if red, then blue.

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the peculiar mode of passing water which is so charac-

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totally new method of dealing with them — in the substitution of kindness, sym-

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It should not be forgotten, however, that the rules for treating wounds

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and slow production of toxins. Anatomic lesions caused by the

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think of removing a fibroid tumor in eighteen or twenty sittings.

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state, and still more in certain " fevers," the liver is very liable to

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finished without a hitch, save the momentary embarassment caused by the

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" Considering the posterior spinal ganglia and columns as being ready, in