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deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Anthrop. (etc.), Miinchen, 1894, xxv,

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1902 Walsh, James A., L.R.C.P. & S. Edin., 30 Westmoreland -street.

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\Tilsions, nocturnal paroxysms, petechiae, and death in from twelve hours

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affections. The spreading of typhus, or of small-pox, of scarlet

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was a germ introduced from without, which propagated and perpetuated

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lowest branch diverges so that the fructification appears double; conidiiferous cells

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unlikely that the Irish Local Government would have acted

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tarded by certain additions to the vital fluid, we are

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Edited for the AssociaticTN by N. S. DAVIS, M.D., LL. D.

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are in many instances later associated with widespread internal tuber-

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place the health of the community occupies the forefront of the

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cases due to excessive physical labor, as well as the

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skin, of producing an extensive and deep burn. All are

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undertaken. In senile trembling the head is chiefly affected, and the

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parts as are exposed to pressure. In hemiplegia they rarely appear except

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thus be drawn into the remotest alveoles, but it is extremely

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