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an account of which we find in the " British Medical Journal,'"
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is compelled to an amount of muscular effort necessary to work off the surplus ;
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absolutely of cultivation, and accustomed to decent sur-
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on tubercular abdominal tumors. In November, 1890, I
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isms of Hippocrates, and the first book of Avicenna. After having
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that there are many other pulmonary diseases besides tuberculosis
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dise) to an individual at a distance ; and I doubt if there is an example
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1886, i, 547.— IViedcn (A.) Fall einer Sympathieusafl'ec-
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from applying an additional roller-bandage from the axilla
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generated in the external surroundings of the animal : (2.) By
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C. Use Roach's Embrocation according to the directions on
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exercise, so that I had no reason to expect any trouble
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an ebb and flow of families caught in successive waves of good or
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the skin (as he mildly expressed it), so alarmed his patient, that
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very beneficial against oppression of the chest, and
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Witthaos, M. D., Physiological Chemistry; Joseph E.
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life, while the boiling of organic material or its subjection
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aux acces de fievre intermittente et presentent les stades classiques de frisson, de
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in Mrs. Carlyle's case is a glowing tribute to her fine nature.
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plete diagnoses of cardiac conditions, William St. Lawrence, Chair-
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of the grain. The crown of clubs is the rampart. We often find tufts of
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General Peritonitis due to Gangrene of the Appendix. — Case
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The superficial form may resemble sycosis vulgaris,
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traced to the end of life, death has ensued through some coincident, not
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irritation about the site of the haemorrhage, the injections of strychnia
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more frequently the tonic spasm increases and spreads to the muscles of the
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soon found that these 3 serums were identical, that is, strains which aggluti-
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results from the action of hydrochloric acid on morphia,
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was up again the following evening to 101° F., and the
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and is less liable to be decomposed by keeping than the
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and in his welfare, and perhaps you grow to love him as a son.
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probably enlist a certain amount of support for Mr. Walter
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very early stage. The accident which started the disease had occurred two years
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house, or from person to person ; yet it may nevertheless be trans-