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showing percentage of desertions in the United States Army,
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Now, what are the possibilities from this on? He has with-
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skin. AVhat we have just said suffices nevertheless to demonstrate that
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i.e. at a time when the threshold is at its highest
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7. Mixed Infections. — In a certain number of cases, in addition to
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PRO contract, AFMC makes signed “certifications and
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the murmur, can always be detected by an experienced clinician, espe-
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also in the degree and nature of the constitutional disturbance. Thus
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formed the predominant cause in an equal number of cases,
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ing. Where the pain or mental distress is continuous, the dose should
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in a portion of the body having extensive relations within the organism.
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To CoRKESPONDENTS. — We shall be glad to receive from
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are unable to influence it by treatment. In many cases sur-
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of his work on "Diseases of the Rectum and Anus." On
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as to abolish cerebral control, and hence, the reflexes
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anything to do with it. The children of the well-to-do
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which at times occur, have no change in the tissues out-