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forms. In the granular variety the epithelial cells form small cor-

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ing states, from which she was roused by camphor and am-

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most prominently and that form the basis of the diagnosis are the cardio-

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observation of nature. In therapeutics, we need above all things, rigid observations on

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especially various forms of staphylococci and diplococci. Among bacteria

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tioner, yet the Gunagathon Company goes on doing business at the same stand, and I have

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advocated and extensively practised by .Mojon (1826),

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and rabbits show that this is a more formidable poison than it has been

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of the views already put forth by other observers. We think

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3. Acute concurrent inflammations, as illustrated by the case

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every five weeks, and afterwards oftener. During the

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is known as to the aetiology of these tumours. It is not improbable that

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skin. There may also be ectbymatons pnstoles, which make their appearance

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performed in eleven instances, by Franklin H. Martin, Wyllys

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ability. Extreme sensitiveness or modesty may put him at a dis-

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I SmithKline Beecham), a potent and specific antagonist of

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the incision through the walls of the gnt, for he had found a

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Knowledge of causes- also is important as entering into the management

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knowledge of the habits and habitat of the cholera-

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sugar regulation and avoid the symptoms of hypoglycemia as well

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it and give it growth are not taken into proper consideration in this

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yellow hue, and whose true relation is not yet perfectly made out, are

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the stories that have been of general circulation that it is a State where

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color from red to black. The presence of white blood-corpuscles with pigment or

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identification of bacteria, and will be referred to fre-

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The accumulation of fat occurred usually in the sub-

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cuss this theoretical question. I say, however, that I whether or not the operation is justifiable or expe-

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worth while to inquire whether they contained the lex regis ;

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gestive, and is frequently interwoven with allusions to autho-

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are unable to influence it by treatment. In many cases sur-