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Groups IV, V, and VI were kept in pens froim the time of weaning.

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this life, and give rise to a great proportion of mental disorders.

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and swine. In many places the flesh of horses, dogs, and cats is

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properties, is most certainly a conjecture merely — it has not been

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''No. Lack of time. Any work on the living human body should be

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from the motion of its particles, motion being produced by an

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Practitioners. By P. E. Archinard, A.M., M.D., Dem-

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express not a little disappointment with the jjapers on obstetrics

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the skin and of the nervous system and generally assisting in

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only to such topics as are of practical interest to every surgeon.

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her out of bed produced alarming syncope. The pulse was thready and

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ted, as better leverage was thus obtained and there was

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and habit of thought of the individual. Such attacks

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William T. Bull, of New York, Dr. Frederick E. Lange,

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Mottram and Russ, has already produced happy results, and it is to be

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Milaiio, 1896, xvii, 80-83. Also: Poiiclin., llonia, 1896, iii-

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Oneida ' C.D.Packard, Rhinel'der. S. R. Stone, Rhinelander.

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qualification. Its committee not only conceded the necessity

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lower extremities — either one or both — alone, or in combina-

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In Catto's case the ova were found chiefly in the mucous

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atrophy treated by electricity, in the Becueil d^ Ophthalmologies

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34 (15 per cent.) were failures, and death ensued in 75 (33 per cent.).

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putting on a blister. Dr. Samuel Jackson recommends highly the use

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jdomen. It is now sixteen days since the injury was

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The endemic areas of the disease lie along the coast and

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mallet. Injury to the right sacral nerves is avoided

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common practice even in the absence of direct sun glare on

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the preparation for it a long study of the laws of health.

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of the uterus rescmhies a lart;e wounded surface, ditfcr-

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bacilli in various "scrofulous" affections, for instance, of the eyes (two cases,

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SIOO.OO machines, only slightly used, for SoO.OO each. Cash

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thousand immigrants can be housed. The disinfecting

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