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to the dyspeptic and the invalid, the shrewd remark of Van Swieten*
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resigned in mind. She has not any cough, when necessary. All vegetable matters,
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merly considered as inflammatory. It is not always easy to discriminate
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the author speaks of physical examination, especially
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Lead Colic. ā€” A peculiar form of colic is that which is met with in
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The first source is a registry of all prenatal patients receiving
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it has become subacute or chronic, or the disease of the endometrium
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or when, again, there is alternation of flushing and pallor; or when the
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were due to the iodine it contained. Painting the swelling with
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rheumatism occurring in young females, so often subject
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much less common affection there than in this coun-
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Gā€ž'lsemiuni alone was of more value than was usually
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polzer. One can scarcely conceive a more practical plan of impart-
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in size. The support fulfilled its purpose perfectly and was
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which have been recently committed in England is exciting the serious
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individual member of the Profession who had read that letter
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performed in succession as rapidly as possible by the patient ; flexion is represented by the
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among non-inflamed intestines. The adhesions were broken
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anterior position of the fetus. An attempt to perform external cephalic
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had been many and varied. Diarrhoea had frequently been a
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the only treatment should be incision and thorough drainage. (Para-
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Some ravages had been made upon her constitution, from the long con-
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been expressed. Efforts to alleviate the problem resulted in a shuttle
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could not be borne. Mr. Willett cut down ou the spine, but
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plunging, and a staggering, uncertain gait are among the
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for the smallpox sometimes died from erysipelas, commencing at
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Harden, G. F., M.B., has been elected Houge-Surgeon to the Boston
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gratuitous advice and medicine, this being according to the
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In Catto's case the ova were found chiefly in the mucous
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statement that clinically this disease, and the greater the destruction of the
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report which included 85 recommendations. The report