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The Tagehhitt, which will api)ear in four numbers, will

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expect. Thus, in the chapters on Croup, Foreign Bodies in the

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Petit, where a child raised perpendicularly and held for a

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femur is another small, round, tuberculous cavity (13) that has no com-

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For several months past this lady had experienced occasional haemor-

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Among other contributors to the volume are Professor

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and to the Wills (Ophthalmic) Hospital, Philada. (With eight woodcuts.) 1 7

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Inspection of fig. 3, a, shows that a flexure is induced in the curve

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a very dangerous thing for the man or woman who has this world's

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here the general belief of the Indians of South America, that by free

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rhage. These applications, however, are removed the next day, without

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Resolved, That in our opinion, such convention is deemed advisable and

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*/eins, instead of traversing so great a distance to reach the left sub-

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undertaken. In senile trembling the head is chiefly affected, and the

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Bougies, for the strictures above alluded to, were now

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yet attained by Medical Science in any part of the world.

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in pregnancy and lactation is the consideration which

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meeting of the Anthropological Society, it was shown by no

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the mouth about three-quarters of an inch between the incisors,

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that of the cerebral complications of acute rheumatism

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that one German surgeon had even resorted to transplanting a

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uterus and a quarter of an hour after the death of the mother, and twenty

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in the epigastrium, and in about fifteen minutes the

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two inches was fixed to the ascending colon, causing a somewhat

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rays illuminating them do not enter the microscope tube, but are

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and well, although one parent had died "from old age, presum-

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the skull, to determine the thickness of its wall, which is

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Although some hemagglutination was noted in the mixtures with e.xhausted

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finally disintegrate. This destructive process is accompanied by pro-

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appendix to this paper are next alluded to, which show that

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The discussion was opened by Dr. S. Baruch, who was

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cific gravity, and upon chemical and microscopical ex-