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instill a sort of skepticism which rejects as facts

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stood from Dr. Goldsmith that the disease was iinally entirely checked.

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in the United States till the beginning of this year.

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every man needs one day in seven in which to rest. Spare

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Third, in self-defense, to withdraw from an operation, or from a case, at

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stick to stir the mixture with, and leaving it in the ves-

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extent. But they invariably reduce the system to the state,

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whole abdomen, though the right lumbar region is particularly promi-

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o'clock at five minutes' intervals. At midnight a hypodermic

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cuss this theoretical question. I say, however, that I whether or not the operation is justifiable or expe-

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ability of a system of promotion to the presidency.

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body of a man, 35 years of age, who had been a soldier,

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duced, assumes a most malignant type, and where it is trans-

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to help himself in any way. Among the most distressing sensations

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243521; June 28. 1881.— Be l.inie (L. A.) Improved ap-

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the Board of Trustees of the College. All old Jeffer-

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when in health. By Edward Smith, M.D., LL.B., F.R.S.,

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time been waged between Dr. Heale and the anatomical world, as

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surface allowing solid particles to be left behind and form

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“ I fall from my chair in a swoon. To the recurrence

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tinue to exist, as long as there are men who remain unmarried and

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nurse speaks of dropsy as a disease, we say indignantly

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Wright (J. W.) A contribution to tUn ti eatiuent of cer-

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For several months past this lady had experienced occasional haemor-

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