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dangerous enemies to society. Criminals belonging to this
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so I suppose about 5,000 have been vaccinated. Since our campaign
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dealing with a tumor which, when seen in the early stages, is hard
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Smallpox (Latin, Variola; French, La petite Verole or La Variole;
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was seen in another central part of the town in the
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strated at the present moment by Chevalier Jackson, the Presi-
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diphtheritic disease, and we are especially liable to have paralysis of some
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poured in. The mixture is kept at a temperature of 212° F. Thirty
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heart. The suspension of the general circulation and the dark colour of the
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and most powerful opponents. — British Medical Journal.
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and freely movable. In the left fornix a more definite
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peddlers and opticians. Astigmatism was first noticed by a
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He had sent an account of the case to Dr. Murphy be-
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portance, since it enables one to render the condition of
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liquids exuded at the surface of the skin. In vesicular
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Andrew A. Pecora Nicholas C. Pedano Alfonse J. Piccolo
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then the fishes. The law of adaptation acting so extensively on inferior
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and again. These physiognomical maps may give a student a
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read at the Epidemiological Society, on the Comparative Mortality
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Dr. W,\rren stated that the patient had no means of
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usually gave at the same time some preparation of iodine
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this and the reason that it descended from heaven. In contrast
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freights is so considerable as to make it profitable to
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tion of the centers for preserving the sensory memories,
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The cases of recovery will be illustrated by a few protocols. It
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If there is no good, certainly there is no pain, in re-vaccina-
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the injections were prepared by Dr. Carter, of Leamington,
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and the left leg, or vice versa. When the head and body are
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see a great many cases, the result of mild sepsis, which