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This I have not had as yet ; but doubtless it produces the same therapeutical

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Charles Bell in a late lecture, that I feel justified in making an extract

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means by which you do not contract certain diseases requiring the

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The reaction of the pupils, the cuirass of analgesia, the general

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time ago, for instance, I published with Ettinger a very interesting

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fected sponge or a salicylic cotton compress, so an to be sure that

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not even after 20 minims, and the pain lasted only a few days

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type ; indeed they have been, in my experience, more intractable, as

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rechutes de la fievie typhoide. Paris ni6d., 1883, viii,

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ment of the respiratory functions, a weak or fatty heart, and

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The very fact, however, that such common movements are registered

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speakers in regarding the affection under considera-

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While there are some cases which the citrate method may be the

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seen. I personally have seen but two (Figs. 2, 3, and 4).

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ceedings of the third night commenced with the communica-

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