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is enhanced by the addition of the sodium chloride. There is no doubt
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mitted himself to be guided wholly by them, he would al-
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8. Report of Case of Pistol-shot Wound in Neck; Laminectoi
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dition at the end of two or three weeks are enrolled on the list of the
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he must be familiar with the changes in the composition
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tinue for eight or ten days. If the inflammation strikes inwardly
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term implies, is a disturbance at some point in the
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be reached not far from its exit from the skull; just in
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June 2, 1876, labour pains having become active, he performed
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handled. October 12th, tincture of iodine, diluted with about its bulk of
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lects about the dwelling house in the course of time. Such articles
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A fuller appreciation of mental characteristics would
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increase in the current volume in other branches ; there
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who oppose this view regard continued excess of blood pressure the
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as, is it possible t If the fistula be healed a debilitating waste
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sick, and was obliged to take to her bed. The vomiting
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versity. Always a picturesque figure, the president. Sir
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see, on the average, fifty patients a day ; and those
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gentlemen have propagated. We may mention further that
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One more word, and we have done with Dr. Blanc. Throuffh-
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urinary passages be favourable or not, is uncertain ; for I have been
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found to be due to a lowered state of the system ; to
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eration is more important than the avoidance of contractures of
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during cloudy days; the pain often results from lack of clothes.
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toneum of the uterus. If pregnancy should follow, would it
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(Column II) which had remained in the kidney for a very long time