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priHlisposing factors. The sluggish, luxury- and rest-loving, phlegmatii leni-

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abdominal cavity, bulging towards the left side and reaching down

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tioners ; and accordingly, among the most pugnacious in this

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of their view, mention analogous affections of mucous membranes, brought

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ganic matter), for there arc sultstances which present every gradation of compo-

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by the fingers coming in contact with dysentery stools and

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this method of making an incision of the web of the finger

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after a few days, the affected joints are nearly free from pain, soreness, etc.,

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trand and Laves, who found that the addition of small quantities of

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be used lightly, but if the attending physicians are

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limited, and more permanent provisions are soon required. It is also

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A dessert spoonful to be taken twice or three times

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he finds a polymorphonuclear as well as a general leukopenia, with a

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that it was a common osseous growth about an inch long.

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light emitted from visil)le objects are refracted as they pass to the retina

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present season, from all quarters of the Union, has, we under-

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collapse usually depends on the direct action of the pneumococcus on

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it is necessary to be very careful with regard to physicking.

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1892. Atbes, Chablbs Jakes, M.D., 55a, 'Welbeck-street, W.

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Dr. Potter also refers to the various niedicarcolleges and

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which he had met with twice in persons aff'ected with alopecia areata

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James R. Criscione, Jr., M.D., St. Louis . .314/352-7003

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evidence both of the existence and the degree of enlargement. The first

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to obliteration of the lumen, is the primary pathological change, the

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Shekleton, as recorded by Johnston and Sinclair, the true value of

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temperatures, a maximum of sir-pollution, owing to the decomposition of

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secondary to the nasal aflfection, calling attention, at the

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Inspection of fig. 3, a, shows that a flexure is induced in the curve

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hygiene and medical jurisprudence. The following per-

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mentation, for you will always succeed. Assemble all your facts first,

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of the British Museum. While at Leyden Barry studied physic

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It will be perceived, by reference to the mortuary reports of the city, that