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to Paisley Infirmary Dispensary, but he resigned the appoint-

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water after every season of drought. It is comforting

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or absence of all calculi, with the exception of biliary. Judging

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rarely fails to j)eruse his paper from Ix'ginning to end,

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Gilchrist, M.D., D.P.H., Johannesburg; John Clark Middleton,

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degeneration, with excentricity of the nuclei, swelling of the cell body, and with

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as it prevents the escape of flakes of cast-off epidermis

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mens of the cord and sciatic nerve. The case was one

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not so closely related to motions as the cutaneous and muscu-

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onset of the disease, it was impossible to obtain accurate observations

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ger. Work and a degree of ill health are not by any means

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and physical disabilities of women should be traced directly

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We have also remarked that assembled together in this man-

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sarcoma, lympho-sarcoma, and enchondroma. Excluding the last, which is

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predict a high likelihood of perinatal transmission because it

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gauze was introduced through the lower angle of the wound into the

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78-bed hospital. For more information, Send C.V. to

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realize I am incapable of doing justice be classified as honest or dishonest. It

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tracted. Notwithstanding his feeble condition, I advised

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action and electric reactions. In this case the lesions were probably

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Eemoval of apparent causes, with good food, warm shelter, and

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was the first to point out in Germany that cases of transmission of

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cine advertisement. Will only say that it can be obtained from us for

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headache, skin flushing reported when used orally. 13

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an end to her wishes; she. was menstruating; the menses were

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The fair held on Dec 16, at 53 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester, under the auspices

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ventable disease and proper prenatal care is the prophylactic. (5) At

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b. Distribution of important standard habitat types

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reached, this was changed to a modified Connell stitch. After

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It is obtained by the action of dilute hydrochloric acid on cyanide

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diphtheritis when these respective complaints affect the mucous

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eighteenth day she weighed 7.9 kg. Her coat was roughened, and she was