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flexion volvulus and invagination. — Medical Era.
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gested anything it would be a panicky state, caused
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forearm by the Mantoux technique. The test was read at
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supposed to, and in such cases we should vary our treatment
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symptoms. A severe cough now began, from which he never
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"In suj^port," he remarks, "of the practical) ility of the operation, it is .sufficient
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Dr. AV^lie thought it perhaps not exactly fair to ask
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laries of the lungs may arrest them entirely, and hence the most serious
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temperature no. p.m. — Vomiting ceased; pain continued;,
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and comparatively small quantities (four, six or eight ounces,)
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for the mother, and he thought also none for the child.
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In East Pennsylvania the proportions of blind to the
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with little prospect of a revival. The fact that the
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Three weeks later (October 13) : When patient reappeared the sur-
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ment of the work, as will be noted by those familiar with the
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fact that it is a rare deformity, but because it generally occurs in
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«1 'i:.« by a chiM. The varyinjj size of the head of the ulna explains
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account of the physical peculiarities of the island so far
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whom he dedicated his famous book " The Ancient Physician's Legacy
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and Pathology (Concluded). Charles F. Painter and Wil-
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sage, active and passive motion, is constantly working to
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with a view to a more careful analysis of some of their important fea-
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M. Ilillairet observed that he had made some investigations on local tempera-
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I say the child has enlarged tonsils, and the child speaks up and
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University of Pennsylvania in 1919. He then interned at Presbyte-
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ovariotomies were incomparably more difficult than the removal of a pedun-
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These processes, with the necessary variations, were repeated
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ture it could be diagnoeied as a hemorrhagic fibromyxcBlastoma.
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to have more cliildren, because it is sure to tear out
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Twice (once after a very easy forceps case, and once after a natural confine-
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attempt at speech and swallowing. I feel that there can be no
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been subject to paroxysms after short intervals, may afterward have long