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vous system. (3) It is not possible through pathologi-
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or drinking, that he has to walk the floor all night.
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of strabismus, numbers of hypermetropia and mixed astigmatism,
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where, but it is particularly prevalent in Rockville. He
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of enlargement of the liver and spleen may be noted. Lastly,
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water, a sn\all amount of vinegar or bay rum being added,
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Hospital, 747-52nd St, Oakland 94609. (415) 428-302 1 .
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ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT. The one remedy, without which acute
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quarters of an hour was then distilled, and the distilled liquid
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leave the vessel till he has been medically examined ; those found to be
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who undertook to ascertain the cause of disease, if he had thought of
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known facts. Now, at the outset it is to be noted that though the
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examined for necrosed bone. The removal of carious bone from the orbital
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paralysis agitans one and a half times more frequent
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the use of plaster-of-Paris entirely, for 'it prevents the
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ophile granules or so-called eosinophile leucocytes,
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be repeated several times without causing extravasation.
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Trustees from sources other than MASA to serve on the
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elected President of the American Pharmaceutical Society,
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signs throughout are slight, and the greater frequency of the
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Pathogenesis. — It produces a primary tumour in the hver, brain, spleen,
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pulled up from behind the uterus and removed en masae with the ovary
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the proper direction to effect union is to permit them to
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evolution of medicine. The indirect effects, however, were
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repetition of small earthquakes, may be gradually worked up iuto
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Aneurysm — Ligation and the Tufnell Treatment. — E. R. Ed-
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she began to feel feverish and have chills, pains in the chest and
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particular structure which is the seat of the inflammation. The suffix
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patient, and as a result of them he lost his mind en-
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Cardiac aneurysms do not usually attain a great size, but may occa-
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it is necessary to be very careful with regard to physicking.
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appointed to endeavor to obtain a reduction of the charge for