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poppy seeds and other plants (geraniums) which had been
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tmtil it comes into actual working operation, it is almost
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child — the infant immediately showed signs abundant and the quality is poor. This
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sphere, let us perform the duties allotted to us manfully, and with
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pastes." Plaster-muslins containing the same drug may be used for cir-
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Taylor used in his experiments, was in the dry state, and had been kept for
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of the pancreas ; Pacchioni found the bodies named after
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in the ovum; in fact, a tubercle bacillus in the ovum would doubtless
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and made into astringent washes for wounds and ulcers.
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of itself is not a dangerous operation as it does not
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42. Journal des Connaissances Medicales pratiques et de Pharraacologie.
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important professional journals published on both continents. In short, its unrivaled
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One brilliant result following the use of anti-tetanic
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under medical treatment; but if the goiter produces
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wall is due to the fact that posterior ulcers are in relation with
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1885, 3. s., xxxix, 481-486.— Jennings (C. G.) Diphthe-
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ing for a short race. The horse held sidewise, curvetting
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rhage was perfectly controled. On following the fracture
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then int<> the cavity of the pleura, and lastly into the lung and bronchi,
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/November 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 11 727
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the use of the microscope, is greatly to be desired.
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ago of 3, when the first examination was made, the child had not had the
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tincture of capsciura or of cantharides, one to three
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much inconvenience. The quality of the voice underwent some change,
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with the twelfth dorsal vertebra, about one "^"^^ produced by stones from that pro-
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Dr. Murray would not use an anxsthetic in all cases.
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cussed at the present time. But to state them barely, without
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whose hands the case is. The rupture is either trau-