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physical therapy. To determine whether inpatient hospital care is necessary for
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be of epidemiological interest, i. e. : Are strains of B. pestis
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characterises hysteria is sho's^Ti by the fact that a precisely similar sensation
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summit is almost always reached in the evening, very rarely in
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7. The aged and infirm, the chronically sick and the
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The two creatures we have now to describe, are much more remarkable
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wall, and fusion of the stomach with the pancreas. In the interior of
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demic of this disease was raging in that city at the time. There
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we find passing from the capillaries to the veins, and through the
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sphere, let us perform the duties allotted to us manfully, and with
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affords abundant proof that the seat of this deposit is in some
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sidering. Bat I do not know whether it would be interesting or profita-
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each succeeding quarter, should exhibit some decided
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may not control the spasms, and sometimes the patient is able to resist
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digestion of protein until its elimination, it is impossible to say
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no action upon cultures in a homogeneous medium, and
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his personal experience with intubation in acute laryn-
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diarrhojal diseases, whooping; cough, erysipelas and fevers), 001,
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self-insufflations of various powders — sulphur well tritu-
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found several times by Mannaberg in the urine passed during or after
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Lb:yden has shown in an excellent lecture delivered to the Charit6 Medical So-
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meeting in Cambridge on December 7. Dr. Whitney will
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indication of the true bodily temperature, Haldane found that
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in justice to Lorenz that this notoriety was not his fault — ^he acted
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cases there was an advantage in combining force for the reduction
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diphtheria and scarlatina, and there was ground for the siippositioit thft
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of this kind of history of tlie members of our own Profession
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more intense, and the vomiting continued, with more febrile action.
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wise be apt to be anything but good or easily sterilized.
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cidental to the coronary sclerosis may be sufficient
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what astonishing nature and results of Von Graefe's treatment, and
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however, thought advisable to perform an exploratory
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Mr. R. Hughes, surgeon to the Stafford Infirmary, also has
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er}', for example, on May 30, and on the days after parturition when the
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dent desiring to study medicine to begin his purely