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but for organized effort, real team work, in dealing with the problems

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garded as desirable, the entire day was thus occupied.

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pelvic cavity, the genital canal begins to be curved forwards in the

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fleas and lice. Whether ticks also should be included here is not known. In

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general symptoms of arsenical poisoning to follow this treatment, but

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in several cases, and, with one exception, with complete

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This is true in this coimtry, for there have been within a

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less discredited by the fact that feeding ammonia salts to cirrhotic

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fluence of the Colonial Secretary's brother. In defending it.

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women of the poorer classes affected with serious diseases,

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4th. The after-treatment of the stump by the application oi pure laud<i-

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used by their secretary should be aUowed them rent-free. The

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able endurance, it is no wonder that he speedily became the head

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be as radical as those proposed by the great Pinel.

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tion is of great interest in explaining physiological causes and pathological ef-

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if possible the patient should have a change of air

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the liquid, gives the specific gravity of the solid.

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such relaxed vessels an increased response to epinephrme might be

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Strength of Electric Current iio Volts; %, to i Milli-ampere.

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cases this improvement goes on progressively until a certain point is reached,

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includes attention to diet, clothing, bathing, exercise, etc.

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the surface which adhered or "grew" to the uterine wall is somewhat

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Symptoms. — If, from an obstruction, there is a sore on the

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quinine 2 gm. (gr. xsx.) was administered, and this was repeated on

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The undermentioned Temporary Captains to be Acting Majors, dated January 4, 1918 : —

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present, and it is certainly more astonishing that ordinarily the blood flows through

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down two days after delivery, and allliough she cxpsrienced no-