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Prognosis. — Parasitic sycosis is a curable disease, but unless the

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main advantage of rest is the avoidance of every possible cause that may

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infection to which a general septic process was joined. He does

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the result of a local injury to a nerve, cases which are, it is true, rare

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tributed $6,500, the largest sum ever contributed to the

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The Diagnosis of Acute Mastoiditis — Dr. H. M. Bonner, Raleigh.

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possible only with the cooperation of the spinal cord and brain. It is possibly a

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Luke's and Wesley Hospitals, Chicago; and C. von Bachelle, M. S., M. D.,

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spoken of, but here pregnancy seems too far removed — 17 years

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a completely new and, we must say, even a more useful book than the

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Health will be in connection with the administration of the

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a change in diet will effect in these children. If we are to rely

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tractors, entered into a contract with a dairy company for the supply

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A strong induced current does not move any of the muscles of the left

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weakness. The symptoms in many spinal cases are often, more or less,

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cially below, and was moveable, although it was evidently-

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Tincture of Mansonia ovata in i-drachm doses is also recom-

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and enfeebled vagina. You will begin to think that I am

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parva among cattle and buffaloes, causing ' coast fever.'

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the testicle of this character must be always congenital, and

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We have also remarked that assembled together in this man-

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did a trachelorrhaphy. I completed what I thought at the time a rather

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Now neither cinchona, nor any analogous article, has any such powers ;

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especially with the branches of the artery which are distributed to their coats.

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treatment he had made these patients comparatively com-

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well mixed by vigorously shaking the bottle. The sample for plat-

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great pains can not be taken by the physician and surgeon

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While Bockhart and Bousqiiet have found the staphylococcus pyo-

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foresaw the dreadful consequences as only an intelli-

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pain in the head, on the contrary, has existed from the beginning, and has