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first eye of two patients, where I changed to Graefe's operation for the

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Prognosis. — Favorable under persistent and judicious

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anatomy, and to an enumeration of the details of the work

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fluences the curative power of the antitoxin, rather than

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from 14 to 17 days in over 200 instances. We may perform

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being structurally weak and easily lacerable, and most unfavourable for a long

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three cases. The first two were published by Dr. McNabb, in the New

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unpleasant and fatal symptoms have been produced by large doses; and in every case

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our explanation, the truth of our observation will be found con-

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ard.— 2nd edition. — Detroit. — Illustrated Med.

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White, J. H., Surgeon — Granted extension of leave of absence for three days from July I8th.

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but the blood will continue to be distributed freely and equably

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ter. More generally, however, they came in contact with others, and groups of twos,

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stump and drainage covered with peritoneum. The ovaries

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nations, it must be conceded that they are, after all, the only

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In essential neuralgia, i. e., not dependent on an ascertained cause,

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only as to the distribution of the nerves having origin in it, but in its relation to

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•8 from England, where he had been spending the summer.

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time. In many cases, doubtless, the inflammation subsides

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and that paper which was not made from rags had been increased in

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quarters ; but in the injured limb the trochanter still lies in N61a-

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bicarbonate of soda in normal salt solution introduced into one of

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reason for advocating long periods of these various

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unaccustomed to the rigor of a Northern winter, and not pro-

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last October, she then being in the seventh montli of

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being, therefore, no consumption or vitiation of the at-

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electrode should be placed upon the nerve-trunk supplying the

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E^noLOGT. — ^In osteomalacia, bones which have been hard become

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bare of protoplasm. Naturally the tubules are full of granular cast

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time. In many cases, doubtless, the inflammation subsides