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probably infect agents, making them carriers of the
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my judgment at least, worthy of comparison with them.
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national use. Last year a Latin letter was sent to the
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contents of a stomach is by no means a proof of its having been taken or ad-
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A Case of yellow fever from the steamer Alvo, of the
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Vol. XVIII. Louisville, Ky., December 29, 1894. No. 13.
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sterile can be easily demonstrated by taking smears from the
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on the anatomy, histology, physiology, bacteriology and pathol-
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The foUowint^ table gives a summary of the above protocols. It
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the expression of a general variation of the red or white blood-corpuscle content, are
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The organism or animal system^ composed of organic soTids
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tate the admission of the doctrine^ that the impressions of colo-
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pressure. The mucous membrane is red and swollen and there
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ensation. Fat adheres to the scalpel used in making an incision. The
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ing the last four months she had been bedridden. For six months she had
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virtues." One of these is introduced with nmch parade in Lady
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events, every surgeon must be ready to admit that Mr.
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tliat, so far as his knowledge extended. Dr. Bennett's obser-
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that I have had her under my observation, and may be briefly described as fol-
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ered as absolutely essential to its existence.* But the
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draught of hot fluid, would say, " See how > able effects on the health of the poorer
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tricuspid valve and pulmonary artery. Careful examinations have con-
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tary laws. The foreign poor population, who are the
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the salvarsan treatment appears to show that the Spiro-
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while at three metres below the surface there was no
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31. Shepp DH, Danliker PS, de Miranda P, et al: Activity of 9-[2-hydroxy-l
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Mr. Bottomley ; and during his "little brief authority'
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most cases, during the early period of the disease ; its