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that, until the law of the American Medical Association was changed, all members

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Spontaneous recovery is usual, but is generally followed by

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both professionals and the public. However, we have also always believed that

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the uterine form there is scarcely any tendency to relapse ; in the ovarian, a

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do their work as students (and we are all students, or ought

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Syphilis has been found to exist in connection with almost every form

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24, 1884. Had been fretful and restless for a day or two,

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eyes of the young mother on a new world of bliss. Carelessness is the

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tema, only by the difference in the resulting organized forms. Such a blas-

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brought to bear against the part. In the case of a fresh cobra

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greater than those that may normally appear. Nevertheless, the use

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* Read before the Hardin County Medical Society, at Elizabethtown, Ky., June 14, 1900.

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in grateful remembrance always, whatever its ultimate fate.

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This would explain certain cases of infection ; Init, on the other

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congratulated ourselves so far that we were succeeding nicely, but it

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Middlesex East. — Drs. F. F. Brown, Reading; A. H.

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of the dead body of an anthrax-infected cow, die on the evening

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subjects and leaders are printed in the program on pages

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in gout, in which disease we must be allowed to term the

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that the experience of all their lordships who were members

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symptom of the irritated condition of the bowels, and blood-

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afforded to the latter allays mucous swelling and mus-

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sure. What is the cause of this rise of pressure ? liere