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shed should l)e used, but the temperature must be kept up

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8 So far as we have ascertained, it was in Mr. Corbett's Report of 1871

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physiology, and pathology of the islands of Langerhans and

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proportion of about 7 per cent, with air it forms a dangerously explosive

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of mitral stenosis need not be due to auricular systole. We find that

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view. With the exception of some of the newer first-class boats

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deplorable as it is incredible. Let the skeptic turn to Lord

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many of those chronic cases which unhappily will remain as a

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as advisable ; and much better results are to be expected

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invaluable; whereas in those instances, in which the arterial tension is

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are fairly well developed, but the ejaculations are pre-

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The combined scleroses of vascular origin are explained by the distribu-

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expose its muscular layer on separation of the mass. There is a

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One of the most important prodromes is periodical vesperian

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the lower extremities. It is true that the intestines, and most of the

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of urine are related to, and depend upon, the relative solubility

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that wearing spectacles or eye-glasses out-of-doors is always

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marked widenmg of the costal arch, and the stretching of those fibres

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No remedy has been found roore generally useful than sul-

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turned to the oculist who treated him befoie, who re-

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the condition and nature of the local tissues, and extent of surface

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we 6nd here little worthy to record. Beyond a somewhat " acrimoni-

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dy in the disease in question. Ten children who were af-

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notification was weak and there was no consideration, pro or

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equal to a bee-sting. When I first moved to Louisville I had not

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disease, and peculiar constitutional habits and tendencies, modify

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nodules half an inch across ; or even plaques, like those of lichen ruber

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This constitutes a febrile paroxysm. Nothing can be simple ;

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that ophthalmology is so suited to exclusive study and so separ-

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