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There is double ptosis and almost complete paralysis of all ocular
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The afternoon discussion was devoted to the consideration
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that a curable disease has sometimes ended fatally because they have been
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superficial part. The corneous alterations appear, generally
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degeneration and contraction of the uterine tissues, and
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no use for book-keeping, which is the chief occupation of the great
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to violent fits of passion; that he had been cut all day
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Cases of Coxa Vara. Dr. Myers also presented a boy eight years of
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cells. Hyaline, granular, and fatty degeneration was not noted by Miyake.
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the head with a fillet of elastic webbing, two or three inches wide, and
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my pupils, requested me to see J. P., a priraipara, aged
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for society has been so considerate as to allow the plea of a professional
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between an upper, and lower plate of glass. For this purpose I
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found to contain casts of the uriniferous tubes, but no albumen. It remains
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taken post-mortem from the spleen of a soldier who died in Netley
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he now seldom used a lotion at all. The line of treatment that
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being more powerful, permanent, and relaxing in their ef-
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duty at the time. In a few of these places other phy-
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thus caused is often well marked in the early stages of phthisis, but
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than normal. Rigors are not uncommon, and patient often has
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terminal loops, formed by the capillary vessels shooting into the
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The general advance of science has, however, in the main
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cause of the poor baby's abnormal, both physical and
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f " The Diagnostic Value of Uncontrollable Vomiting." Dr. W. C. Maclean, " British
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spicuous. Nevertheless, anabolism and katabolism manifest themselves
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research now undertaken, and ask for it immunity from any bias that
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individual can acquire such an immunity without much difficulty.
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ami even 48 hours, and then notably subsides ; the pulse falls in frequency,
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