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the diagnosis of surgical tuberculosis by clinical observation is
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extent that this imbalance has occurred our national health is
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somewhat atrophied. Spleen very small, weighing scarcely two.
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The most striking examples of this mode of inheritance are Dal-
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ing meeting to be held in Baltimore on the first day of May
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setts, and an exceedingly skilful prescriber. A committee,
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Prodromal symptoms should be carefully looked for, and if early
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ease may begin, and even be entirely confined to the
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has always been a healthy man until he was taken unaccounta-
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scar. However, not all linear scars are tuberculous.
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seated suppuration. This symptom must, therefore, be considered in the
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posing hand. Dr. Elliotson, bitten by the mesmeric and clairvoyant
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time and is uncleanly, both matters of slight importance
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setts, dissertation on, by Hon. O. Fiske, M. D. 318
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necessary for the placenta to be macroscopically diseased, as by haemorrhage
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county. All school-houses are situated away from noisy
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used for ligatures should be strong enough to bear considerable ten-
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and treat all the ills that flesh is heir to, by the description and direc-
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dition to this, I held interviews with all the physicians of
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Allbutt's '• System of Medicine " the author of the article on
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in Ann. rep. of the committee of management for the
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increased activity in the lumbar region of the cord at a time of life when
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rare as a sequel of other diseases. It is not associated constantly with
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no pain present. He could detect dullness on both sides of the
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a port issuing a clean bill of health or believed to be
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General Hospital, and Base Hospital, Camp Pike, Ark. The writer
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President, V. C. Pond ; Vice-President, D. M. Clajjp ;
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vessels containing the different solutions may be placed on ice pre-
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the eyes were fixed on a near object for a short time.
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C. r. 1894, Budapest, 1893, viii, pt. 7, 304-317.— Seelos.
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not give any result. The prognosis is usually good exept in cases of
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day a reception will be given by the president of the