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efi"ective and certain treatment of chronic pancreatitis consists
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" 4. Threatened convulsions may be averted, and those existing mav be ter-
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ordinary physical differentiation between ascites and an ovarian tumor
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even three in an emergency) at each dose, and taken
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Communications intended for this paper, are requested to be left at
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of the sigmoid valves, there will be the souffle of the reflux of
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diac weakness and irritability, and are often the forerunners
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mind there is nothing in obstetrics more important than toxemia.
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and Wilcox that the decomposition of iodoform in a solu-
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low virulence, and in one instance a streptococcus obtained at autopsv,
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but the tenacious strength of muscles hardened by long
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the congenital cases. After the sutures have been closed, they may
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and degree, although the child showed a very definite evidence
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gangrene. It is, in fact, with this latter disease that diph-
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adopted was as follows ; — 10 c.c. of human blood serum, free from
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one-fourth of an apple-pie. During the night he had
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LoEB, Jacques. Amphoteric colloids. III. Chemical basis of
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water, but with moist grass or moss, no such derangements ensued.
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proper payment. . . . Several officers told me, some of their own accord,
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fat is not in response to a physiological requirement. The liberated fat
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fifteen years, that there are other defective methods of far more
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a monument to the memory of the discoverer of ether, the
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itself was thickened, loosened, and infiltrated with round cells.
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trains from infected places, and on all steamboats or other river craft
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black. Sometimes they are brittle and are easily reduced to a powder by
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Defective secretion of the upper intestines call for such remedies
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like position (main en griff e). The disease extends slowly upward, involving
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answer some questions. There was no paralysis. Examination of the
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ordinary sense, since it does not destroy the tissues, and probably
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good ; she has never had syphilis or other venereal disease.
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On the eighth day her bowels were moved freely by a saline
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Dr. A. H. Powers then announced the list of newly-chosen